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RelaxMax Mat

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*The RelaxMax Mat does not include the chair.

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The Unique Mat with Massage

RelaxMax Mat

Digital Therapeutic Mat With 4 Therapies

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • Vibro-massage Therapy
  • Far-Infrared Therapy
  • Magnetic Therapy

Easy, practical, and effective use in your daily routine, at the gym, office, home, spa, and any place where you can make time to relax and restore your energy.

* The RelaxMax Mat does not include the chair. Images are for illustration purposes only.

The RelaxMax Mat has combined therapies that you will not find in any other mat:

This product comes with many different benefits


♦ The Naturific Sleep RelaxMax Mat was designed according to the muscle’s acupuncture points and the distribution of the body’s skeletal system.

♦ The massage is performed by a system of vibrations and electromagnetic waves through electronic sensors, which activate the entire human body, performing massage through vibration.

♦ With this device, you can do your relaxation session at the place and time of your choice.


♦ The Far-infrared tablets produce waves with a length (from 4 to 14 microns) identical to the infrared rays emitted by the sun.

♦ The waves emitted by the

far-infrared, act on the water and blood molecules in your body, generating a permanent process of fragmentation of the water clusters, allowing the water of the human body to circulate better through the cells; thus, promotes a constant process of cellular detoxification.

♦ Far-infrared detoxifies cells and increases the body's immunity.


♦ The magnetic tablets have an intensity of approximately 800

Gauss that create a magnetic field.

♦ When the magnetic field is exposed to the blood circulation, it ionizes the blood.

♦ Magnetic therapy provides the magnetic energy needed by the human body, contributing to the elimination of toxins, improvement of the general conditions of the body’s systems, and oxygenation of the tissues.

♦ Magnetic therapy contributes

to the overall balance of the body and mind, without collateral risks.


♦ The Naturific Sleep RelaxMax Mat produces energy that generates energetic pulses, producing 1.5 volts of energy, approximately 50 to 60 hertz per second.

♦ This process stimulates the body’s system, energizing and starting up all the body’s organs.

♦ The PEMF therapy causes the body’s system to search for homeostasis, that is, for the complete balance of its vital functions, strengthening the immune system and improving vital energy for a productive day.

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Our goal is to make the purchase of a RelaxMax Mat as easy as possible.

Once you’ve decided to acquire the RelaxMax Mat, the next step is to determine your preferred method of payment.

We want you to take advantage of the RelaxMax Mat relaxation therapies benefits right away, so we offer a variety of convenient payment plans.

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Verified Buyer

This mat has dramatically changed my sleep for the better. Due to the ability to adjust the firmness and endless positions with my base, I no longer have hip and back pain. Wish I would have purchased sooner!

Naturific Sleep staff was so easy to deal with. They are very thorough and make sure that you are getting the right product to help heal you. ,The technician I spoke with recommended the RelaxMax Mat, and he was right. This mat has done wonders for me!

Verified Buyer

Had the RelaxMax Mat for 5 weeks.

My wife loved it from the first time of use.

Verified Buyer

Time to change your life towards a more relaxing and revitalizing daily routine!

The RelaxMax Mat provides you with a variety of benefits to invigorate your day:

  • Performs magnetic replacement and induces energy rebalancing
  • Assists in the regulation of blood circulation
  • Restores old cells and their natural energy for the proper performance of their vital functions
  • Assists in reducing physical pain
  • Helps relax your muscles and relax your nervous system
  • Stimulates joint flexibility
  • Helps rebalance hormones and improves your immune system

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